Entrepreneurs of Chhukha

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Choki Dorji - Jigmechhu Mushroom Farm

Since my School days my interest was more inclined towards becoming an entrepreneur.

Tshendra Dorji - Tshendra Mushroom Farm

My name is Tshendra Dorji. I cultivate Shitake and Oyster mushroom. If it goes well, I plan to expand my business and do it on larger scale. It is also first of its kind in my village and I hope that I will be a good example.

Tshering - Tshering Piggery Farm

I am Tshering from Norgangtoed village under Darla Gewog. After completing the Basic Entrepreneurship Course, I started a piggery farm with 13 pigs in my village with a loan from CSI bank.

Karma Lekey - Karma Lekey Hair and Beauty Salon

When I did not qualify for further studies from class 10, I could not insist my parents that I wanted to continue my studies since it did not guarantee that I will be able to find a job after my graduation.
Mani Kumar Limbu

Mani Kumar Limbu - Integrated Agriculture

My name is Mani Kumar Limbu. I did Diploma in Agriculture from CNR in Lobesa. My interest in agriculture and the course is the reason why I am into agriculture.

Manilal Rai - Rai Dairy Farm

I’m MoniLal Rai and I have completed class 12 in year of 2012. I’m from Dagana Dzongkhag and at present I live here at Getana Gewog. From 15 days basic entrepreneurship courses, I have learned about the importance of management and setting goals in the field of business.

Jangchuk Dorji - Jangchubshing Organic Mushroom Farming Centre

I have resigned from a corporate banking job and then started mushroom farming.

Sunil Kumar Ghalley - Business Proposals

My name is Sunil Kumar Ghalley. My start up called the ‘Business Proposals’ which started after completing Basic Entrepreneur Course, and Training of Trainers (TOT) conducted by Chhukha Dzongkhag and MoLHR, provides services in writing business proposals, designing logos, renewing business licenses, providing tax clearance and online works related to land leasing and online payments.

Dil Kumar Rai - Dil Piggery Farm

I am Dil Ram Rai and I am from Dagana Dzongkhag but the opportunities that I have got at Chhukha Dzongkhag is undeniable because Chhukha Dzongkhag has market and admirable supports from the Dzongkhag. I have completed Basic Entrepreneurship Course at Darla Gewog on year 2020.
Sangita Rai

Sangita Rai - Poultry Farm

My name is Sangita Rai from Nimgang, Darla Gewog and I have studied till class 10 from Pastshekha Central School. I did my IT course at Gedu and after that I used to do job in book store.
sonam (2)

Sonam Choden - Cafeteria

I am Sonam Choden. I am a graduate of Diploman in Civil Engineering. I attended the Basic Entrepreneurship Course and skill development in Culinary Arts and Baking conducted by Chhukha Dzongkhag. Having obtained the ncessecary skills through these trainings, I now run a cafeteria to sell pizza, cookies made of local buckwheat and wheat flour Bread.

Kamini Rai - Bee Honey Production

My name is Kamini Rai from Damchekha village and I have done VTI electrical training from Kawangzangsa Technical Training Center.
Dhan Kumar Chhetri

Dhan Kumar Chhetri - Nature Gift Dairy Farm

My name is Dhan Kumar Chhetri from Darla and I have started a diary farm at my village to support my family and to get self employed. I have completed my Basic Entrepreneurship course from Darla Gewog and after that I have venture into dairy farm business.

Dewaki Chhetri - Oyster Mushroom Farm

I studied till class 12. My Agriculture Teacher encouraged me during my school days to be farmer and it was my own interest to take agriculture as my career. I was fortunate enough to get the entrepreneurship training to move ahead. Many of my friends are going abroad and overseas for job, some are physically abused.

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