Jangchuk Dorji

Mushroom Farm & Mushroom Training Institute

About My Entrepreneurship

Travelling in-between the summer and winter pasture, following my parents cattle herd has always mesmerized me more than the paper knowledge I gained at school. This experience of being close to nature and surviving with minimal modern amenity has taught me a lot on the abundant gifts of nature. The childhood interest never left me even after my post graduation,. Infact it forced me to quit my desk job to drive into the Fungus world. The felling that I can be more productive and happier with what I love to do made me start my mushroom cultivation farm a decade agao.

Yes! The journey over the years was not as smooth. There were many hiccups which made me explore more into the fungi world. Presently I cultivate three types of Mushroom:

1.Shiitake Mushroom
2.Oyster Mushroom
3.Reishi Mushroom.

I feel proud to have established the only Private Mushroom Training Institute in Bhutan with Spawn Production unit.

Till date I have invested around eight million in the Mushroom Enterprise the average monthly revenue is about 200,000.0

I remain thankful to Chhukha Dzongkhag for the continued support and also for providing the platform for all the Entreprenuers of Chhukha to come together and work as a group.

I also serve as the Chairman of Entrepreneurs of Chhukha (EoC) and strive to institutionalize the group to help the youth of Chhukha at all times.

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