Mushroom Farming

About My Entrepreneurship

I am Chechay and I am 34 years old and I have studied upto class six. I live in Paga village. I am a mother of two beautiful Daughters. I live in my ancestral home at Paga village. I have started growing Shitake Mushroom from this year onwards. I have 1100 Shitake logs.

I have always wanted to grow mushroom and I was fortunate to avail Training on Mushroom Cultivation conducted by Chhukha Dzongkhag Administration.

The end to end support from Chhukha Dzongkhag Economic Development sector really kickstarted my Mushroom startup. Without this support, nothing would have started with me.

Now that I have over 1000 mushroom billets, I have to again construct another Mushroom resting shed. There I may encounter some problem with finance. But I am hoping the YERE project of MoAF can help me to fund that.

I face difficulty in managing the mushroom billets as it is first time for me to cultivate mushroom. But I intend to work hard.

I want to expand my Mushroom farm and increase number of billets in years to come. I would like to pursue my livelihood option as a Mushroom Entrepreneur.

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