Chencho Gyeltshen


About My Entrepreneurship

I am Chencho Gyeltshen from Chapcha. I am a Gedu College graduate. After my graduation I always had a feeling of being an officer in one of the offices in Thimphu, but my mindset completely changed when I had an opportunity to attend an Entrepreneurship course in Chapcha Gewog. Every parent wants to see their children grow and be an officer, Dasho, Teacher, Doctor, engineer, etc.., but I choose to be a rural Entrepreneur, Thanks to my beloved parents who always supported me and believing in my dreams.

I have started a Menchhu/Hot Stone Bath Business in Chapcha. I am proud of my accomplishment. It is not very easy to start a business and of course the journey ahead is tougher, but I am sure that the road I have chosen is the right one and I am going to make it to the end. I also conduct trainings on Entrepreneurship and trained many youths under Chhukha.

I am always indebted to Chhukha Dzongkhag and Gewog Administration for all the support. The reason behind starting a Hot Stone Bath Business is that the Menchhu helps in curing various illness such as UTI (urinary Track Infections), piles, Fractured Bones, Joints and Back Pains and many more. It is also to generate self-employment and generate employment opportunities to other youths in the locality. I also wish to provide guest room service to visitor visiting various holly places in my locality along with Hot stone Bath Service so that I can promote local Tourism.

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