Sonam Choden


About My Entrepreneurship

I am Sonam Choden from Bongo and I have started my café at Gedu and it had just been 10 months since I began my startup.

Even after completing my Diploma in Civil engineering, I remained interested in business and to create employment for myself and other youths rather than doing job. But my Engineering knowledge was not inline with the kind of business I do now. So it requires me to learn many things online to improve my business.

I remain thankful to Economic Development Officer and the Chhukha Dzongkhag Administration for having provided such support to a youth like us in rural areas because after I have been introduced to Entrepreneurs network of Chhukha, it helped me to start my business confidently.

After attending Basic Entrepreneurship Course at my village, I found out that starting a small café at Gedu can be opportunity for employment and good business.

The 18 days training on Bakery & Culinary Arts provided by Chhukha Dzongkhag really gave me the skill and confidence to venture into the café business.

After helping hands from family with capital of Nu.300,000, I started doing catering around the community and non-acholic and resting café .
I make a decent income daily and hope that I can sustain my business.

I am proud that I won Nu.50,000 cash prize as “Best Women Entrepreneurs of Chhukha” on 18 December 2021 during Entrepreneurship Day Celebration of Chhukha,

The main challenge I face now is with the manpower. I hope to renovate my café further and add more menus and improve service to the customers.

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