Tshewang Zangmo,

Flower Nursery

About My Entrepreneurship

My name is Tshewang Zangmo, but many people call me JJK which derives from the name of my small flower sale outlet on the highway. I started my flower enterprise in year 2018 and I sell flowers and pots to the highway traveler. I got trained by Chhukha Dzongkhag through floriculture training conducted in Gedu in September, 2021. I have also got trainings conducted by DCSI prior to that.

I completed by Bachelors Degree from Taktse college and opted to do flower and plant nursery startup because of my love of flowers and plants.

The main challenge I face now is not having a proper place to sell my flowers. There is also shortage of workers. The shortage of flower seeds and saplings is another problem.

I would like to expand my nursery in future if I could avail a government land lease around Wangkha area.

Through my small enterprise, I have also come to know many staff of Chhukha Dzongkhag and also I have become a member of Entrepreneurs of Chhukha. I feel it is a small and cohesive group to help each other in our businesses. I contribute few amounts monthly for the Entrepreneurs of Chhukha saving fund as well.