Dil Kumar

Pig Breeding & Fattening Farm

About My Entrepreneurship

My name is Dil Kumar and I am 24 years old. I have studied upto class 10. I have undertaken Piglet production and Pig fattening farm here in Arekha, Darla Gewog.

I will rear 100 Sow (mother pigs) to breed within this year. I can then sell each Piglet at Nu. 8,000 to 9,000 to those who would like to rear.

I am actually from Dagana Dzongkhag but I have now settled down in Darla Gewog to pursue my entrepreneurship venture. It is all possible with the immense support that Chhukha Dzongkhag provides to the entrepreneurs.

It was sheer good fortune that I got the chance to do Basic Entrepreneurship Course that was conducted by Chhukha Dzongkhag at Darla Gewog in February 2019.

Since then, I came to know many staff of the Dzongkhag and they were all helpful to me to guide me in my business.

I have also got support of ‘Big Ticket’ project from Department of Livestock, YERE support from MoAF and also loan from CSI Bank.

The main challenge I am facing now is the Karma Feeds.

My vision is to build a Mega Pig Breeding & Fattening farm in Bhutan and also to establish as an educational centre for teaching about best practices in Pig Rearing in Bhutan.

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