Pig Breeding Farm

About My Entrepreneurship

My name is Dendup and I started pig breeding farm in January, 2022 in Mebisa. I have not gone to school but I have availed  the opportunity to do a Basic Entrepreneurship Course in Bjagchhog conducted by the Dzongkhag administration.

Four friends of us in Bjagchhog then decided to start a pig breeding farm. One of the friends dropped out and now it is only three of us. We availed loan from CSI bank together with the assistance of Jangchubshing Mushroom Farm.

I would like to expand the pig breeding farm with purchase of more piglets.

The establishment of pig breeding farm in Mebisa was a long process with us facing a lot of difficulty to avail land for lease in the beginning. We were even chased out from Bjagchhog village by the people there and later got a private land for lease at Mebisa.

The main challenge we face now is water supply and electricity supply to our farm.

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