Mushroom Farming

About My Entrepreneurship

I am 32 years old and I have studied only upto class two. Now I do Shitake Mushroom Cultivation for my living. I have cultivated 2400 Shitake billets this year, 2022.

Before I started cultivating mushroom, I worked as a Driver in Mangdechu Project driving an 18-wheeler.

While in Trongsa, I got married with my wife. I live in Paga village, under Chapcha Gewog.
I returned to village about six years ago in 2015 from Trongsa.

I worked in mushroom farm of one lady in Paga village back then. When the lady abandoned her mushroom farm and left for Thimphu, I bought Shitake billets worth about Nu. 40K from her. I started harvesting from this and so far, I have earned about Nu. 30K from the sale of Shitake mushroom.

I have very limited lands and when you don’t have enough land, mushroom cultivation is an ideal farming to do as it occupies less space.

I got support from Chhukha Dzongkhag administration and the CSI bank loan. I got over 1 Lakh worth of equipment and materials from Dzongkhag. I also contributed some amount from my own. The YERE, for which I have qualified, will help me a lot to expand my farm. I am very fortunate to be part of Entrepreneurs of Chhukha.

As a mushroom farmer, there are lot of risks. It needs daily care and maintenance by the grower.

When I cut open the logs that I have bought as billets, after my training, I saw that no mycelium was running in the billets. That was really a great lesson for me. Without any formal training in Mushroom cultivation, it is very difficult to cultivate. I also lack support from many people whom I consider my near and dear ones. Instead, now I see Chhukha Dzongkhag Administration and the Mushroom Entrepreneurs, whom I have trained together, are helping me a lot.

Way Forward

I have spent about 7 years working in my ancestral land and home. I have always wanted to settle on my own and my parents also wanted to see me do better. Now I am planning to shift to my new home built nearby my mushroom shed.

I will never quit Mushroom Farming. I remain thankful for what Chhukha Dzongkhag have done for a Youth like us and also all my Mushroom Grower Friends.

I will keep updated on the progress of my mushroom growth in days to come.

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