Mushroom Farming

About My Entrepreneurship

My name is Dema and I am 32 years old. In my life, I wish to pursue mushroom farming as a means of livelihood and also make my children to pursue mushroom cultivation in future.

I could not complete class 7 as I had to drop off from school to help my Mom with the farming works. In the course of the years, I got some chance to work for Mushroom farmers in Paga village and then learnt a few steps to cultivate mushroom.

Then I got the Mushroom Training conducted by Chhukha Dzongkhag Administration and also I got support from the Dzongkhag to start constructing my farm.

I struggled a lot in the beginning even to get an excavator for levelling my land. It was also hard to get financial support from anyone. So I applied for a CSI Bank loan. I struggled on my own to get this far.

The main problem I face now, ofcourse is financial and labour. But with all the support I got from Dzongkhag, my Mushroom Trainers and the CSI bank support, I wish to succeed in my entrepreneurial venture.

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