The First Ever Entrepreneur of Chhukha Networking Session (EoCNS-01)

The First Entrepreneur’s Networking Session was held on 24 April, 2022 through online platform Zoom. This is the first time such a session was held among the entrepreneurs of Chhukha. The main objective to connect among the Entrepreneurs and to update each other about the different works we are doing in our respective startups. We also share the challenges we face in our daily struggles to make a livelihood and to make our startups better. Following issues and challenges were discussed at the first EoCNS.

Entrepreneurs Networking Session (EoC-NS01): 24 April, 2022

Issues discussed and solutions proposed:

  1. Invitation of Guest Speakers to EoC NS: Gues speakers will be invited to the EoC NS
  2. 3-phase line for Arekha: Need definite answer from YERE project management on whether they are willing to give the 3-phase line for Arekha YERE grant recipients: Chandra to make a followup phone call to YERE Project Director on 25th April.
  3. Next EoC NS: Coordinator will call all the Entrepreneurs to join the meeting. The EoC NS will be held on the last Sunday of every Month. Next EoC NS will be held on Sunday 29th May: 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM
  4. BPC Connections: To followup with BPC for electricity connections to Metakha Entrepreneurs/ Pole is not there: Followup with BPC Manager of Gedu by Jangchu & EDO
  5. Feed problem in the livestock farms: Need training on how to prepare feed, in Nepal. In Nepal, if there are more than 2000 or 3000 animals, they make their own feed. Discuss with Dr. Tashi of ICIMOD by EDO.
  6. Attendance of EoC NS meet: If an Entrepreneur is not able to attend three consecutive EoC NS, then he/she may not be invited to the future meetings

The Economic Development Officer of Chhukha Dzongkhag and the Chairman of Entrepreneur of Chhukha facilitated the first EoCNS.


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