My Entrepreneurial Journey

After completing my 10th grade from Darla Middle Secondary School I could not qualify or meet the bench standard to go for 11th grade at government schools and moreover, I could not insist my parents to study further in private schools, as yearly a lot of graduates from different colleges and institution has been found unemployed even with their degree certificates. So, I did not search any private schools for admission but rather opted for training in hair and beauty salon that was available at Norbu Healing Institute based at Thimphu. Moreover, for me I was so much enthusiastic in such business to start up.

For a professional and certified business, I thought training was mandatory and for which I have undergone 6 months training in hair and beauty salon in Thimphu. With successful completion of my training, I was fully equipped with all necessary skills to open a haircut business and to test my skills and knowledge I have worked in Thimphu in one of the parlors as an employee for 3 months. As an employee, I have seen lots customers availing such services despite enormous competitors in the Capital and I felt that in such competitive market with lots of players available, such businesses are running so successful and at my residence at Rinchentse where my father was working there was no as such haircut services available despite large number of customers.

Therefore, with such feasibility available for opening a haircut business at my residence I left my job where I was previously working for and I came to Rinchenste to open my own business with door to door services for colony staff and people nearby during weekends. It was not so easy as I thought to open such businesses as we need to mobilize resources to gear up the business in the initial and I was helpless to get funds to start up my business. However, I was privileged and was supported by Chukha Dzongkhag Administration which is encouraging and supporting every start up and entrepreneurs in Chukha. What I have flourished so far is mainly due to support provided by the Chukha Dzongkhag Administration and to my parents who has always been with me and had trusted me.

Name: Karma Lekey

Location: Rinchentse, Darla, Chukha

Contact Info: 17699483

Business Type: Barber Shop

Facebook Page: Karma Lekey Hair and Beauty Saloon

Karma Lekey Hair and Beauty Saloon