“I became more interested in studying mushroom than classroom subjects as I was bought up in a village setting. Today, I take care of Mushroom like my child.”


Janchuk Dorji, Mushroom Entrepreneur, Bjagchhog

My Entrepreneurial Journey

I have resigned from a corporate banking job and then started mushroom farming. Today, I feel proud to share that my farm is one of the leading organic mushroom farms in Chhukha Dzongkhag.

From this 2021 year, we have started Mushroom Farming & Training Institute. I hope to help as many mushroom growers and start-ups in mushroom farming.

I always remain thankful to Chhukha Dzongkhag and many agencies who have helped me to realize my entrepreneurial pursuit to grow mushrooms.

Name: Jangchuk Dorji

Location: Tashigatshel, Bjabchhog, Chukha

Contact Info: 17289545, organicfarm.bt@gmail.com

Business Type: Mushroom Production

Facebook Page: Jangchubshing Organic Farm

Reishi Mushroom tea was launched by MoLHR as one of the products

Janghuck Mushroom Farm