My Entrepreneurial Journey

Dorji is a dynamic young man who excelled in BEC, Darla. His idea pitching presentation on the closing day was to the level of any professional presenter. He is one of the entrepreneurs who started his project as soon as the Basic Entrepreneurship Course (BEC) was over. He is from Babana in Doongna Gewog. But his agriculture farm is located in Yeuzhi village falling under Logchina Gewog. Dorji took a loan of 0.9 million from CSI bank and purchased green house, power tiller, fencing equipment and used the rest as working capital. If there is anyone who can tell stories as an agri-entreprenuer, it will be Dorji. He struggled a lot to get the loan and the COVID-19 pandemic hampered his project implementation.

Name: Dorji

Location: Yeuzhi, Logchina, Chukha

Contact Info: 17472461,

Business Type: Agriculture Production