Name: Birkha Man Ghalley Location: Dzedokha, Logchina, Chhukha Contact Info: 17963418, Business Type: Honey keeping Farming
Birkha was trained as an entrepreneur in the first ever BEC conducted in Chukha Dzongkhag in Darla from 27th February to 12th march 2020. He presented his business proposal on โ€œBee Farmingโ€. The EDO met with Birkha in October 2020, just before the Gewog was turned into a high-risk zone. Birkha is a humble lad, the EDO is exploring with the Dzongkhag Livestock Sector to support Birkha realize his dream of starting a successful pond fishery in Damchikha. He also wants to take part in YERE training project to get funding Support.

He narrated story of two snakes getting into his pond fishery and eating all the fishes. He had to drain out all the water from the pond to kill the snakes. One was killed and one escaped. Never realized snakes would be such a problem for pond fishery farmers!